Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vybz Kartel - Good Father

Beautiful song! Big up the good fathers. Dedicated to my daddy Mr FNE :-)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nobody Canna Cross It.....My Take

We have all laughed at the expense of Clifton 'Cliftwang' Brown.  Yes the original "Nobody Canna Cross It" video was funny.  Then came the remix by Dj Powa, a UTech student with a penchant for remixing news stories out of Jamaica and making them humorous.  However he's hit the jackpot with this one.  If you search "Nobody Canna Cross It" on Youtube there are countless videos including the original refix, dances to the song, updates etc.

Thursday morning I updated my status on FB to say :

Everybody out there laughing at canna cross it. One or a few of u promoters should put ur $ where ur mouth is. Keep a dance w/proceeds going to building the bridge

And the above video clip from Smile Jamaica shows why this needs to be done.  Yes we all take this for a joke, and his twanging and accent are hilarious, but all this publicity highlights a serious issue.  A bridge is needed for the community. How could the host really say "Forget about the bridge".  It may have been said in jest, but this is a true opportunity to bring this issue to the forefront, and use this as an opportunity to raise money for this project.  I may or may not have the power to do so, but I hope the Jamaican government, and those in positions of power and those who have the wherewithal to do so, reach out a helping hand to the community of Robertsfield, in Jamaica.  Because long after Mr Brown's 5 minutes of fame has vanished, this will continue to be a problem for the residents of that community.

Smooches from Hotlipps!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Buju Banton Sentenced to 10 Years

He will be incarcerated at the FCI prison facility in Miami.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/latestnews/Buju-gets-10-years#ixzz1Q6s28pIG

Vybz Kartel - Summer Time-Draft

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Runway



New York, NY (RAINE PR): A-Team MMusic, the production team behind Black Robb’s comeback street banger “Ventilation,” has assembled a bold mix of island talent for their first full len ngth release, a

Caribbean-tinged Dance album The Ru unway. Featuring Dancehall icon Beenie Man n, Reggae soulstress

Etana, Dancehall sensation Mr. Vegas s, Britain’s rising star Gappy Ranks, and bran nd new Latin crooner

Al Cruz, The Runway weaves the vari ied styles of Roots Reggae, Dancehall, Pop, Rh hythm & Blues, and

Gospel into a robust Dance music com mpilation that demonstrates the A-Team’s crea ative genius. The

Runway is scheduled to hit iTunes andd all digital outlets on Tuesday, June 14th .

The Runway boasts to not just be an a album, but a catwalk for the emotional garb th hat we wear through

daily life. Wayne Anthony’s “Be With You” and “Go” by Kristopher show off the mmore sensuous fabrics

of love while Mr. Lexx’s “Get Down” and Zumjay’s “Put It On” are the slinky, seedy lingerie of lust.

Gappy Ranks and Ovamars turn up the designer swag with “All Over Me,” and “Baid & Pose,” and

“Boom Boom” is Bugle’s straight up rump shaker. Al Cruz’s “Let Go” is a sobering  heart-felt ballad

about heart break. On the rage-filled ““Monster,” Dancehall funk diva Natalie Storm  shows the darker,

rougher side of love gone wrong, while D’Angel rocks the haute couture look of the bold and brazen on

“Yes Mi Know,” featuring her husband Beenie Man.

The Runway takes a sharp turn when Etana, sporting a militaristic suit of armor, combats poverty on

“Supper Time.” The album closes on Mr. Vegas’s foot-stomping gospel-esque “Love of God.” Caribbean

radio pioneer Pat McKay sews the seams of The Runway together with spoken word interludes.

“The album was inspired by thoughts and phrases and experiences that I’ve seen randomly posted on

Facebook and Twitter and other social networks -little snippets of people’s lives that are like flashes of a

camera bulb,” A-Team Music CEO Stanley ‘Rellee’ Hayden explains. “Instead of doing a compilation of random songs, I wanted to do something people can relate to. I call it ‘The Runway’ because in a way, we

all wear our emotions like clothing.”

“I was blown away by the level of production on the entire album,” says legendary platinum-selling

Dancehall producer Paul ‘Computer Paul’ Henton. “Rellee has created his own niche, blending dance

music with Reggae and Dancehall.”

“The Runway, sounds like the future,” says music journalist Rob Kenner of Boomshots.com, and Vibe

Magazine. “Not just because the beat bangs as hard as anything you’ll hear this side of Ibiza. But because

the quality of songs like Etana’s “Suppertime” raise the bar for Dancehall in 2011.”

The Runway was exclusively produced by A-Team Music, under the helm of Rellee Hayden. Coproduction

credits include Max ‘Mad Max’ Castor, Jesse Adleman, and Dennis “D.C. Soulplusmind”

Coronel for A-Team Music, and Tony ‘CD’ Kelly. The Runway will be available on iTunes and all digital

outlets on Tuesday, June 14th.

For more information on A-Team Music and The Runway visit www.therunwayalbum.com or call 1-877898-0078.

For media inquiries, contact Raine Martin at Raine PR, 1-877-898-0078, or media@rainepr.com

We strut through life with our emotions shrouding us like pieces of clothing. Whether it be the slinky

lingerie of lust, the designer flash of swag, the sharp cutting-edge of anger, or the sensuous look of love,

we wear our feelings for the world to see. THE RUNWAY is not a simple song compilation - it takes a

single beat and molds and shapes it to fit the range of emotional garb that we wear through life. THE

RUNWAY is not just an album…it’s a lifestyle.

THE RUNWAY flows through love, lust, happiness, hurt, heartache, social turmoil, and faith with

surprising ease, taking the different styles and tempos of Roots reggae, Dancehall, Pop, Rhythm &

Blues, and Gospel, and weaving them together into a concept album with the same underlying pulse.

THE RUNWAY features a wide range of artists, from stalwarts like Richie Stephens, Beenie Man, Etana

Red Foxx, and Mr. Vegas to rising stars like Wayne Anthony, Gappy Ranks, Natalie Storm, and

Kristopher, and brand new talent Al Cruz.

THE RUNWAY was exclusively produced by A-Team Music, at the helm of CEO and executive producer

Stanley ‘Rellee’ Hayden. Co-production credits include Max ‘Mad Max’ Castor, Jesse Adleman, and

Dennis “D.C. Soulplusmind” Coronel for A-Team Music, and Tony ‘CD’ Kelly.

OFFICAL ALBUM LANDING PAGE: http://www.therunwayalbum.com/  
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/ateammusic @ateammusic  

Let's Talk About Sex Vol 6: White Liver

Hotlipps said: 
White liver is a term that is commonly used to describe someone (typically a woman) with a voracious sexual appetite. It's almost as if she can't get enough. Some would classify her as a nympho. In Jamaican culture it has been said that coolie or Indian women are known to have this characteristic of "white liver". Although in recent years, the term has become synonymous with anyone who possesses a high sex drive. The specific origin of the term isn't clear although the term has been used in other parts of the world to describe someone who has had multiple spouses who've died.

As many Jamaicans are very sexually driven and the men are borderline obsessed with sex (smile), it's no surprise that there would be songs and more recently a riddim entitled "White Liver" which features Vybz Kartel's song Horny & Proud. In 2010 Busy Signal also had a song by the name of White Liver as well, which was recorded over Nicki Minaj's "Your Love" track. The song is an ode to his white liver girl whom he claims "love f*ck". Quite prolific indeed, but you get the picture lol.
Whether you think it's a good or bad thing is a matter of opinion. But most men appreciate a woman with a high sex drive as long as they can keep up themselves. In my opinion it's better to have a high sex drive than not. Just be smart and protect yourself & you're good to go. And on that note Smooches from Hotlipps!

Mishigan said:
White Liver...

What a ting... Well to add to my Pawdie's musical reference... There was also a White Liva Riddim released around 2001... (Record Days)... Released on VP's Label... Which also features a song about a woman who "...says har man small & she waah bigga..."

As Mz Lipps has stated... It was originally attributed to Indian (Cooley) women's insatiable sexual appetite... & then it seemed to cross over to us men when the Doctor Beenie Man stated that because he is "Half Cooley he has White & Liver & White Kidney..." And we have accepted it ever since. And given how culturally & racially mixed up most West Indians, are it makes sense that the White Liver Gene has spread throughout the entire population. There are very few of us that can say we are 100% of any race... So all a we have the White Liver Gene.

Now... Most people would say that they would love a man or woman with White Liver... But many times dem a tek on someting dem cyaah manage.

Gentlemans... Remember this... A woman with White Liver is a dangerous animal. She will kill you if you are not Strong. If you know that your liver isn't pale... Or your W.L. gene is Dormant... DO NOT TAKE ON THESE WOMEN!!! It is not surviveable. Life is too short as it is... It doesn't make sense killing yourself trying to keep up with them...

Ladies... If u find that a man's Liver is White... And u cannot keep up with him... Expect the inevitable. Now I am compelled to inform you that there hasn't been a soap cream or pill developed that is known for Bleaching Livers... Not yet @ least... (It will probably come out of the Gaza)... So with that being the case ladies... Tek up what you can manage.

Moral of the story... Fight Fire with fire... Because unless u have an ocean @ your disposal... U cyaah fight White Liver Fire!!! & if di fire bigga dan you... Leave it alone!!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Secrets at Onyx Lounge

This Saturday all roads lead to Onyx Lounge for Summer Secrets The Gemini-Cancer Edition.  This is the official Birthday party for Mizz Nay of Platinum Elite. To miss is to diss!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vybz Kartel Featured in the New York Times

Tony Matterhorn - Fluffy Summer

Team Fluffy roll out! Rayyyyy

Happy Father's Day

Every Father's Day i see throngs of male bashing.  People bashing their own fathers, baby fathers etc.  This always saddens me because you rarely if ever see such bashing on Mother's Day.  It is unfortunate that there are so many single mothers that have to take on this role of raising children on their own, and I am in no way justifying the dead beat dads out there, cuz dem fi get gunshot!  Children are a blessing and should be treated as such. Although women in general (not always) tend to be the more  nurturing gender, this should not be an excuse to walk away  from the beautiful children you took part in creating. However women in bashing men, you have to realize how this makes you look. Everything in life is a choice.  Yes accidents happen (rolls eyes) however, most deadbeat dads were deadbeat boyfriends, jumpoffs, husbands, men etc.  There are the occasional exceptions, but in general they were jerks before you were impregnated, so how does that reflect on you.  So instead of using this day to glorify the assholes out there, instead lets put the truly great fathers on a pedestal.  

Happy Father's out there to the many men, who not only provide financial support, but love, and emotional support to their children.  Because no matter what ANYONE says, the role of a father is just as important as the role of a mother.  Happy Father's Day to my own father who shows me what to look for in a man, and what not to accept.  Bugs I love you from the depths of my soul.  And to all the wonderful fathers out there that I know personally, enjoy your day.  Smooches from Hotlipps!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Don't Know Rasta....

"I Don't Know Rasta... I Don't Knooow..."

-"What kind of world are we livin in..." Mr Levy... I'm still trying to figure this out. The outlandish Kartel antics have been mentioned so many times... Its ridiculous to go back over them... And is if that wasn't mad enough... Now Rasta artist a mek music to diss other Rasta Artist?! To quote mi fren Hotlipps on BBM... WTF?!

-Rasta Artists used to serve as the balance in the music. While the other DeeJays would be cussing & warring with each other... Rasta Artists would sing songs about upliftment & preach love for one another. Garnet Silk, Louie Culture, Luciano, Early Sizzla, Capleton... Earlier Buju, if you review their catalog... Love, Unity & Upliftment was the message. The War vibes were reserved for Dubplate purposes only.

-Historically speaking, it would seem that the change in Rasta Deejaying from Culture to more worldly gun lyrics started with Sizzla... Who in the early 2000's began singing Songs like Big Long Gun. Later on after that it seemed like other Rasta DeeJays began to pick up the War Vibes like NorrisMan, (Redbull & Guiness Riddim). In his chune all Auntie & Uncle dead when the Big Gun had Gone over dem yaad! And then in 2006-7 we came across the greatest anomaly in Dancehall... Munga the Gangsta Rass!!! With a name that completely negates itself... Munga started his song with a loud Selassie I... And then went on to explain that he Bust it when he feel like cuz dem fi know se him a Gangsta inna real life... Okaaaaay... Now fast forward to 2011... And the natural degeneration continues... Now Rasta Deejays are making Songs to Diss other Rasta Deejays. Khago has taken aim at iOctane & now the 2 of them have been throwing word in song. Fantan Mojah has launched a recent attack against Beenie Man... (Wait a minute... Rasta Artist have always been dissing Beenie Man... Lol... Never Mind.) Regardless of this, the original role of Rasta in the music has disappeared. It seems that Rasta Artists, who traditionally tamed the vibes & kept the music in check have joined the rest of the hype seeking secular Artists. Even Jah Cure have Gangsta chune with Rick Ross & Mavado.

-I'm interested to see what the future holds for the Rasta Artists? Will they find their way back to Zion or will they keep warring for the hype... Either way... It looks like the last days for the Turban & Robe.

Rrrrrr from Mishigan

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Excerpt from Vybz Kartel's New Book

I start this book as I start each day of my life, with a “Thank you Jah” for giving Adidja Palmer the inspiration to be Vybz Kartel; may the words on the pages of this book be well received, may it touch the heart of the oppressors of my people so that they may treat the poor with compassion. May it be a tool that Society will utilize to understand ghetto livity so that you may change your impression of us and start treating ghetto people with respect whether they are your helpers, gardeners, bar maids, drivers or any marginalized person in Jamaica. May it reach the desks of the prison officials so that they may implement more humane and positive procedures in our jails so that our people can be welcomed back into society after they have done their time. May it be a reference point for Jamaican males that have never taken the time to understand what our mothers, baby mothers, sisters and women in general go through. Most of all, may it be a source of motivation for my people especially the young ones as they find their way through life in this lovely place Xaymaca, its original name before the genocidal Christopher Columbus came to plunder and destroy an entire Amerindian people under the guise of Christianity. It is with this hope that I have taken the time to write this book in between my musical career and my role as father, son and baby father; I ask that this book is blessed.
The hate from the haters is expected but guess what, Kartel sending you a blessing too because the Gaza nuh bad mind. Come on, I know you going to read this book, that’s okay with me, the only way we can have a better Jamaica is if we spend the time learning from each other

Taken from the first chapter of Kartel's new book entitled  Voice of The Ghetto: Social Commentary For My People.”

Monte Carlo Riddim

Vybz Kartel Best of the Best Performance-Via Satellite

Shabba Ranks on ER-Bigs Up Vybz Kartel