Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's Talk About Sex Vol 6: White Liver

Hotlipps said: 
White liver is a term that is commonly used to describe someone (typically a woman) with a voracious sexual appetite. It's almost as if she can't get enough. Some would classify her as a nympho. In Jamaican culture it has been said that coolie or Indian women are known to have this characteristic of "white liver". Although in recent years, the term has become synonymous with anyone who possesses a high sex drive. The specific origin of the term isn't clear although the term has been used in other parts of the world to describe someone who has had multiple spouses who've died.

As many Jamaicans are very sexually driven and the men are borderline obsessed with sex (smile), it's no surprise that there would be songs and more recently a riddim entitled "White Liver" which features Vybz Kartel's song Horny & Proud. In 2010 Busy Signal also had a song by the name of White Liver as well, which was recorded over Nicki Minaj's "Your Love" track. The song is an ode to his white liver girl whom he claims "love f*ck". Quite prolific indeed, but you get the picture lol.
Whether you think it's a good or bad thing is a matter of opinion. But most men appreciate a woman with a high sex drive as long as they can keep up themselves. In my opinion it's better to have a high sex drive than not. Just be smart and protect yourself & you're good to go. And on that note Smooches from Hotlipps!

Mishigan said:
White Liver...

What a ting... Well to add to my Pawdie's musical reference... There was also a White Liva Riddim released around 2001... (Record Days)... Released on VP's Label... Which also features a song about a woman who "...says har man small & she waah bigga..."

As Mz Lipps has stated... It was originally attributed to Indian (Cooley) women's insatiable sexual appetite... & then it seemed to cross over to us men when the Doctor Beenie Man stated that because he is "Half Cooley he has White & Liver & White Kidney..." And we have accepted it ever since. And given how culturally & racially mixed up most West Indians, are it makes sense that the White Liver Gene has spread throughout the entire population. There are very few of us that can say we are 100% of any race... So all a we have the White Liver Gene.

Now... Most people would say that they would love a man or woman with White Liver... But many times dem a tek on someting dem cyaah manage.

Gentlemans... Remember this... A woman with White Liver is a dangerous animal. She will kill you if you are not Strong. If you know that your liver isn't pale... Or your W.L. gene is Dormant... DO NOT TAKE ON THESE WOMEN!!! It is not surviveable. Life is too short as it is... It doesn't make sense killing yourself trying to keep up with them...

Ladies... If u find that a man's Liver is White... And u cannot keep up with him... Expect the inevitable. Now I am compelled to inform you that there hasn't been a soap cream or pill developed that is known for Bleaching Livers... Not yet @ least... (It will probably come out of the Gaza)... So with that being the case ladies... Tek up what you can manage.

Moral of the story... Fight Fire with fire... Because unless u have an ocean @ your disposal... U cyaah fight White Liver Fire!!! & if di fire bigga dan you... Leave it alone!!!