Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wifey Vs Matie

Hotlipps said: 
At the forefront of Dancehall music there has always been the wifey and the matie.  Dancehall is merely a microcosm of Jamaican culture on a whole. From the inception dancehall artistes have pit wifey against matie. In some cases the wifey got the praise, and in other cases matie got top ratings.  The songs “Matie” from artistes like Beenie man, and Penny Irie, as well as “Mate a rebel” and “Dun Wife” by Cobra are some of the most popular matie-bashing songs of the 1990s.  “Wifey” by Dugsy Ranks and “Wife” by Joseph Stepper praised wives as the top choice, and the one to aspire to.  Not to be outdone were songs like “Gal pon di side” by Frisco kid and “I got your man” by Lady Saw which had maties across the globe beating their chest. 
Fast forward to 2010, where wifeys and maties are still the subject of many a lyrical debate.  Tony Matterhorn’s song “Wifey vs. Matie” on the Mento riddim is a comical back & forth about the positive and negative aspects of both positions. As always Matterhorn vividly paints the picture of Matie jumping through the window, to escape wifey; or the wife who lacks the confidence and skill in the bedroom of matie.  Ce’cile’s song on the Rail Up riddim “Mi Tek u Man” is the ultimate matie song of this year, where she boldly brags about taking away another woman’s man.  In fact it seems like Wifeys and Maties have been going at it all year.  The One Day Riddim, which is arguably the biggest riddim for 2010 also took a stab at the topic with, ZJ Liquid’s “Wifey Walkout”, which I am sure, has fueled many brawls.  The frequency of these songs shows the acceptance of infidelity in Jamaican culture.  Is it a matter of ignorance is bliss, or what you don’t know won’t hurt you? Some say a good matie knows her place, and doesn’t disturb the home, and the wife.  However, it seems of late, maties have not been looming in the background, but are actually jockeying for the first place position, causing many a verbal and often physical war.  Is it the music and often the soundman that is “hyping” up the war, or is the music just a reflection of what is already happening in society?  The Wifey vs. Matie situation has become so commonplace, that it is one of the most popular Dancehall party themes. Much respect to Jiggy Joyce in DC, as I recall her being one of the first to promote that theme. 
We can debate the cause and the effect all day.  It’s sort of like the chicken or the egg. Whether you are the, wifey, or the matie this will always be a part of Jamaican culture, and every culture for that matter.  Some choose to embrace it and work with it; others are trying to move away from it.  But as women, why fight, and belittle each other.  We are merely giving men more power.  Instead of vying for first or second place, why not vie for the ONLY position. And why not beat the man instead of each other. I am just kidding….Not really lol.  All in all it makes for great entertainment, and great music! 
Smooches from Hotlipps till next time.

Mishigan from RBZ said:
Wifey vs Matey... 
"Yuh Nuh Response Fi A Gyal..."

To put it plain... Matterhorn connect with this one!!! 

The Wifey vs Matey controversy has been going on since man & woman and will be going on till the end of time. As long as a woman have a man to call her own there will be other women who will go after this man and either assume the role of Matey or try to take Wifey's place. Why you ask? Maybe some a dem woman too red eye... I can't call it... But what I do know is that the Wifey Matey argument has been here before we and it will outlast we. We should be mindful that singing about this is not exclusive to our culture and music. Classic Soul Ballads like "As We Lay" and "Me & Mrs Jones" are odes to adulterous affairs. In "As We Lay" the Matey sings about the affair she's having with the Married man & clearly acknowledges that family the man has to go back to. Rod Stewart sang about his affections for his Matey when he did the cover "If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right". (If you don't know Rod Stewart... Google him). In the 90's Xscape sang about being the man's little secret & how it turned them on that the wife didn't know. And let's face it... SWV was the official Matey Singing Group. But, as is always the case, no one can put more style & flavor to the subject than our Reggae Artists. 

Though there are many Wifey & Matey songs, Matterhorn is the first to sing from the vantage point of both parties in one song. He gives equal attention to both the Wife's & the Matey's point of view in a way that makes it hard to choose which side you're on. I assume that women will join the side they are most familiar with. Regardless of which one... Matterhorn makes it easy for each woman to boast about the role that they are playing. 

Now ladies... Please be aware that both roles are important to play. Once everyone adheres to their respective positions, relationships can be long and fulfilling for all parties. Some may argue that due to the increasing man shortage, especially in our community, a woman cannot honestly hope to keep one man all to herself. With the excess of women out there that need love & affection they should be expected to share. As the old saying goes ladies... "Sharing is Caring." Others may say well if she don't have a man for herself... Too bad... She needs to go & find one. Whatever the case may be ladies... It is important to remember that blaming the man in this situation is wrong. Hotlipps suggests that women should stop beating each other and beat the man... But I would like to offer a different approach. Instead of beating the man who is doing the job he was placed here to do, which is to love & satisfy woman... Beat the Battyman dem who have neglected their duties as men. Ladies... Battyman are your enemies. The more Battyman there are is the more strain on the straight man to satisfy the growing number of women. Single Women will be forced to go for the straight men anywhere they can find them and that includes those that are taken. Now I do not endorse infidelity by men or women in a relationship. However, when you look at the social dynamic of the situation, it is only going to get worse unless there is a change. Women need love... Battyman gone di wrong way... And the Straight Man becomes the victim, from being overworked with all these women demanding satisfaction and then unappreciated for the job we're doing. Its a cruel & vicious cycle.

In conclusion, ladies the only way to reduce the number of Matey's is to increase the number of straight men. This means not parring with the Chi Chi dem... And getting it back to the way it was meant to be. Of course this, like poverty and war, is something that can never be fully eradicated. There will always be women who will red eye a next woman's man and attempt to seduce the poor defenseless man until he gives in. 

In closing... I'd like to say Matterhorn, you find a chune. 

This is Mishigan signing off... 



  1. Yoooooooooooooooooooooooo..this article is sooooooo on point i agreew with both point of views....dont know if i wanna be wifey or matie..lmaooooooooooooooooo!! Gd job guys !

  2. I love this article. I don't think there will be any change to this situation. Some women are proud maties and have no interest in being a wife. Whichever you prefer, be careful and use protection. Maintain some level of respect if it's even self-respect. Good job guys :-)

  3. This is a cool article and I like the fact you guys challenged each others position professionally. Hotlipps, you are a special specimen, I like how you used the music culture as a whole to clearly bring your message across regarding the wifey and matie saga...:o) As usual Mitch, your intelligent and unique way of expressing yourself on the topic is always followed up by a dramatic bombshell...LOL...That said, Mitchy Mitch, you said "sharing is caring"... without a doubt that is not to be disputed, but do remember that "sharing is also hurting" because Matie can inflict on the man a special STDs who in turns take it home to his healthy, loyal and beloved wifey and pass it on to her.. Note, these incidences occur regularly in and out of the dance-hall setting so the CARING can become HURTING and destructive.

    Now looking through the mirror and being realistic, I always believed that a matie can be a wifey and a wifey can be a matie so it all depends on how you look at the many pictures surrounding the saga. Example - a "wife" who slipped away to give it up to another man who is also taken. In this case the woman is a wifey to her husband and a matie to the other man. The moral of the story is that one woman can play both roll...LOL

    In conclusion, Matterhorn may connect with this one or find a chune, but the question you should asked here is; will this song send a positive message of change towards the wifey/matie attitude and behaviour? Or will it continue to strengthen the Wifey vs Matie boxing saga? Well, in the case of Mr. Mentally Ill without discrediting his tune, I think it's the latter....:o)

    Mi ah run again.... PLUSH!!

  4. Great article guys! MD has a great point...sexual health is truly an issue. I think a lot of people taking the cheating thing lightly and don't take into consideration that you could bring more than stress and heartache to your partner when they discover your infidelities. I do agree that it's a part of our culture, but I hope in this day and age where we have more STD awareness people will make smarter decisions.

  5. When mi first start go dance was about the time Penny Irie's chune was killing the dancehalls. Even today, if your dance is flopping, and you run that chune (everybody know the chune), guaranteed, every gyal a guh deh pon dem head top, and maybe 2 or 3 fights might bruk out. The ultimate matie vs wifey song! Still, JA, like most countries is patriarchal. Except why JA man have to overdo it?!? Some men even give the mate children, & everyone just gotta deal!! Maybe back in the day when households were headed by men, who were the sole bread winners, going along with the bs was a matter of survival. But even that system has broken down because some man nah mind none of di pickney dem!! Wife or mate! At the end of the day, the burden of responsibilty is on the person(s) in the relationship. Don't be in one if you still want to play! Funny, women aren't allowed to do it openly. Talk about your double standards. What a have mate! LOL

  6. Great post and great comments....Now dis is right up my gaza or gully whichever you taking mishigan's bun battyman argument to di next side of tings. Women listen or read, analyze, disect and comprehend....YOU ARE THE REASONS YOU HAVE A MATIE AND MEK MATIE EXIST. Now take deep breaths because I dont want anybody having a heart attack. Now that you have calmed down let me explain.

    1. Too many of you love talk about how wonderful your man is and how great he is to your friends/coworkers etcc.. and these are the ones who have no man or have gotten the short end of the stick.Dat breed jealousy/envy
    2. Unu love look fi di "badbwoy" guy who nuh have no job, eat your food, tek ur car, have no ambition but yet unu shocked when yuh find out yuh have matie. STOP DEH WID WUTLESS MAN
    3. Be realistic and stop look for the "perfect man" or "Mr. Right" cause chances are he doesnt exist or is already taken. Look somebody within your league. Sorry but yuh cant be a beautician and ah talk bout yuh want a "Wallstreet Man"
    4. Remember how yuh get him. Yuh cant be a pornstar when dating and a nun when yuh get him. Chances are di man dun tell yuh seh yuh nah do tings like before. KEEP IT SPICY

    I would continue but mi hear di gun di cock so mi gone til next time.