Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Man A Gyallis: Do Women Encourage the Gyallis Culture

Samantha aka Hotlipps said:

It appears that every man aspires to be a gyallis. What constitutes a gyallis? By definition, it is usually a man who is desired by women, and usually linked to multiple women at once. In addition, a gyallis is known to have a certain ‘swag’ which attracts the women to him therefore perpetuating his ladies man persona. I guess it stems from the mindset that people always wants what someone else has. But the real question is, do women encourage the gyallis culture? It would appear so, because men that are classified as gyallis, either by the public or self proclaimed, seem to never be short of female fans. Even when the man has his bonafide woman, and then some, there always seems to be more women waiting in the wings. Now if is just a slam that you are looking for, fine do your thing. But why is it that women pursue, these so called gyallis for a relationship, and always end up with their feelings hurt. Many of these men have reputations that precede them, several baby mothers etc. But it seems like the more women they have the more women want them. In fact, it would appear that a simple, humble respectable man gets no love from the females, especially amongst many Jamaican women. This may encourage many to try their hand at the gyallis lifestyle, just to get increased attention from the ladies.

Some will blame the “man shortage” for this. There is a belief that the lack of so called available men, will force women to settle for a man that is openly dealing with other women. Bullshit. Is self respect really at such an all time low? Do women want a man that badly, that they are willing to join a line just for sex? Additionally, with the rise of AIDS and other STDs why would women want to join that rat race, and even become pregnant for such men, which mean they are having unprotected sex with them. So you not only have sex with someone who is openly having sex with others, but you do so unprotected. SMART! *rolls eyes*. Again I say, if it is just a sex thing, in the words of Bounty in “Stucky” tek di slap and gwaan. Use your condoms, and do your thing. But the number of women fighting over men in parties, and throwing their words on Facebook, twitter and in the video light, leads me to believe that they want more than the gyallis is willing to offer. In closing, when dealing with a gyallis, especially a Jamaican one, deal with what you are given. Don’t try to change him or expect more. Don’t try to make a fairy tale out of it. When someone shows you who they are believe them. If him being a gyallis attracted you to him, I bet the same thing will eventually be the downfall of your “relationship”. If you like the thrill and the hype of dealing with a highly coveted man, then do you. But at least be realistic about what you have to deal with. Play your position for the day, and don’t screw up your face in a dance when your matie walks by. And on that note, Smooches from Hotlipps.

Mishigan from ReggaeBoyz said:

Man a Gyallis...

Ok... So what's the Problem? As long as safe sex is being practiced... (And I do stress that... Safe Sex is a must...) Then let what must be just be!!!

Now Hotlipps I appreciate your commentary on the subject... But if u ask me you are being TOO Hard on the woman dem... So I'll have to defend them a little... If a woman sees a man she likes... And he has a woman... And she's still willing to work with that... Then don't call her dunce or stupid... Some woman love Matey role... And you know something... When they know how to play the role well everyting is vibzy.

But ladies I still have to talk the truth. It is not fair to draw for a gyallis & then expect that man to change for you. It is equally not fair to be upset when said gyallis goes & tek piece from your friends, sisters and cousins... (Mothers are a touchy area though... Even I must admit that). And what is most unfair of all is to condemn the whole Male Species after you knowingly draw for a gyallis who turns out to be... A Gyallis. Whenever you say that there are no good men out there you are making a huge mistake. Most of the time the Good Men are the ones you overlook... Because them too quiet or them shy... Or them too nice. You even go as far as to cheat on the Good man if you have one, with the Gyallis... All in the name of excitement.

Ladies... Be true to yourselves... Many of you want a Gyallis man in the hopes that he forsakes his Gyallis ways for you... And let's face it... Them things only happen in the movies. 99.536% of the time you end up just as hurt as his last victim... And you only have yourselves to blame. I overstand the man shortage ting... So here are some tips to dealing with a Gyallis...

1. Don't fool yourselves!!! You're not the only one he's slamming... You may not even be the only one he rammed that day.

2. If the Gyallis has a mainy/wifey/wife... Do not look @ her as if she's dumb or not satisfying her man just because he's dealing with you on the side. Just remember... He would be cheating on You too.

3. Please... Try NOT Breeding fi di man... There can be nothing but stress to come outta this. You breed... Him vex... Then You Vex... And den Family Court & Child Support sinting... Plus the one bag a half brothers & sisters... It nuh mek it. Boots up & save yourself the headache.

Alrite... Deh so mi ting Deh!!!



  1. I agree with Hotlipps 100%. The gyallis phenomenon is our Frankenstein monster. Before dem jus run di eediat, the women are just perpetuating the slackness. How can you be a gyallis if yuh nah nuh gyal??? And you can't tell me at the end of the day there isn't some kind of psych issue with these guys. Some serious social, wasn't held-breastfed-hugged-loved- enough by mom issues!

  2. Gyalis have been around since day one. The reason is that WOMEN are BADMIND, JEALOUS & ENVIOUS creatures. a Woman can never be happy for her friend and her relationship. The first ting dem ah seh is why she get good man and I cant. Second thing is she nuh betta looking than me. Third is I gwaan show her dat her man is a Dog like every other man. So dem prey fi Fuck Him.

    Den yuh have di women who swear dem pumpum is God's greatest creation so dem come with this misconception that fi dem pums ah go keep him faithful. Ladies Pums never keep ah man faithful and never will. Until unu realize dat Gyalis will be here forever.

    Ladies stop go afta man dat have woman because there is no pride in taking the next gal man because you will eventually be the one getting dumped for the next pums.

    Lastly, Get Ready This is a Shocker............

    Do you know that Most Women will gladly fcuk a man dat she knows a fcuk down the place.

    But Most Men wont fcuk a gyal dat sleep around.

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